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Ching-Lin Wu started TaiRong Steel Company on a shoestring in October 1999. After having worked as a machine works company, Wu later shifted his focus to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) for listed and OTC companies. The products include Copper Sulfate Converter, Special Edging Machine PC Board, and CNC Machine Casing. Wu has now been creating his private brand.

In 2005 TaiRong Steel Company started researching and developing the exhaust system. It has been tested by the Motor Vehicle Supervision Office for its fuel-consuming performance and other performance indices. It has also been tested for circling around Taiwan for 38 times just to see its durability. After six years TaiRong Steel Company is an official exhaust system supplier. The system has been patented in Taiwan, Japan, China, Germany, and the United States.

◎TaiRong-Jet Exhaust

TaiRong Jet Exhaust is an exclusive technique in the market. This one and only technology has passed over 100 tests on larger cars like trucks and buses. Unlike usual car modification which only enhances horsepower but sacrifices torque and fuel-consuming performance, our Jet Exhaust not only enhances your cars’ horsepower but also the torque performance, and it is fuel-saving!

◎Business Concept

We reinforce car engines and promote fuel-consuming performance.

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